8 Awesome Probinsya Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

8 Awesome Probinsya Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss



It’s a long holiday season and it has been our tradition to visit our family and relatives this time of the year. There’s no place like home ika nga! Unarguably, province has always been our favorite destination. If this would be your first time to spend your Christmas and New Year there (you might be nervous that you would be on fasting on social media and your Xbox), there are still lot of things beyond your expectation you can look forward to. Ask your Dad!


These are awesome experiences you should not miss! I like #6:



1. Kamayan to the max (highly-addictive)



This would definitely happen on the very first day, a welcome with a blast! If you don’t know how to do kamayan properly, just do it your style because you may forget your name and would ask for more. Budol fight is always great with plenty of food everywhere on the banana leaves. Just say it gently; “Can I hingi that little ulam! Super yummy kasi eh…


2. Have You Ever heard of “Baile“?




Baile is always the highlight of the weekend! It has long been a popular event that young people are practicing even before nightlife has ever invented. Young ladies are invited and seated on the center of a public place (heavily-guarded by the parents). Gentlemen always have a chance to get to know the lady he likes by asking her a dance.


During our time (Although I’m still young hehe), that was 2 pesos for hot music ( dance music) and 20 pesos for sweet music where you can dance a lady on a sweet love song. You can also pay for special request for 50 pesos which you can dance that lady for one whole song (just you and the lady). In our province, they are still doing it. It is kind of laid back but for men this is always a good idea than courtship in social media.


3. Smell the newly-harvested rice




One of the things that I miss the most is the smell of the rice field. I grew up most of my childhood life in our farm beside our rice field. Rice tastes differently and it’s so yummy! You can even partner it with “tuyo& camote and would taste like chicken! Try it!


4. Unlimited kwentuhan





You would surely love it! I’m just really amazed how my lolo and lola can still remember that I was playing with my pee when I was a little baby...Eww! If you want to hear history and geography, ask your relatives! The last time I visited them, we were able to travel all around the world and had gone through World Wars to Edsas…and they’re great story tellers too!


Life in the Metro is fast and sometimes you forget some important things. There you could just sit and relax while listening with the soft sound the guitar. You’ll feel their simple joy and contentment on every little things!

5. You can’t resist our well-loved “Skylab/Habal-Habal”




Do you really want an unforgettable adventure? You should try this death defying and awesome ride. It’s only cheap but the experience is beyond measure. It looks dangerous but very interesting. Drivers are well-trained and best riders in the world. They would even cheat death!


6. You can’t stop drinking our “Tuba”




If you’re looking for a drink, try this one. Drink moderately and enjoy its fragrance. Ladies there also drink hard like men do. But warning, hang over is not that good! Try theKinutil, it’s a personalized tuba mixed with milk,creams,and eggs. I’m starting to miss it now. Can I go with you too?


7. Delicious Food-oh my Native Chicken!





Native chicken has always been my favorite. The penetrating smell , ever-savory sabaw, and the heavenly-taste…and  Don’t forget the popular lechon! I would surely call my boss now, take my vacation leave, and book my flight today.

8. & All new experiences…




Once you’re there, you would surely don’t want to go home anymore. Just make sure to spend more time with your love ones because that’s the reason why we work so hard. When you go back, you have all of great memories to go along with you. Just Don’t forget to stick to your budget and at the same time set aside an amount to splurge a little bit because they love eating and drinking! The most important thing is your presence and how you share your simple generosity. Happy Holidays!


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