10 Things To Do Before You Quit Your Job

10 Things To Do Before You Quit Your Job



Is it possible to have a graceful exit? Is there such a thing as a successful resignation? I ended my day with my company yesterday and I was able to render 30-days that the company requires. Relationships intact. Processed were followed. I learned something invaluable that everyone should do. Nothing beats the classy way. It speaks about your character!


1.  Prepare your emergency fund.


Emergency fund is a must that everyone should prepare. This is not only applicable on going a career shift but also pre-requisite on investing and starting a business. I built up my emergency fund few years ago and it remains “untouched”. Its goal is for me to use it to an EMERGENCY! I’m not sure how do you define it but for me an emergency is something that is “VERY’ important and urgent. Forget about it if you would be tempted to use it for a pair of jeans because there’s a 50% sale in the mall.


Most likely it is called a ”buffering fund”. By principle, It is an amount of the total expenses for 3-6 months. If you’re thinking of transferring to other company or building your own business, you need to think of it before anything else. If you want to learn more of it, you can read my previous blog What It Takes to Build Your Emergency Fund?

2. Be sincere with your reasons.


giphy (2)


Honesty and Sincerity still remain the right things to do. How do you submit your resignation letter speaks more about you. Although the common ” Looking for greener pasture” is somewhat deadly and predictable, you have to be direct and reasonable.


3. Doing it “immediately” is not a good idea.


giphy (3)


In BPO industry, “AWOL” and immediate resignation are so rampant and it is so common for job-hoppers going in and out. It is a little bit sad that people will just invent “stories” for them to exit even if it is not that proper. I resigned officially yesterday but it took a year for me to have it get done. I already told my immediate boss about my plan and it went very well. I rendered 30-days before fully resigning and I can have all the time to go back if I would want to.

4. Be firm with your decision.




If you have decided to leave the company, be firm with it. That also shows your maturity in decision-making. I observed many co-workers who often said that they’re leaving but they did not ends up messing around and did not do the job well because they were not happy anymore.

5. Leave a “mark” to the people around you.


What will they say to you when you’re not around anymore? You don’t care? then fine. But some of your officemates and bosses might be your clients in the future or will be your customers in your business, or worst will be your boss in other company. I always believe that it can happen and the “word of mouth” is the greatest marketing tool on earth. Always protect your reputation more than anything else!


When I rendered 30 days, my boss challenged me to be at my best to the last. For me, that was not a request but an opportunity for me to stand out and leave a legacy. And so I did. I left the office with everybody smiling and happy.

6. Do not burn bridges.




Few years ago, I was told by my mentor who was very successful businessman in our province that the greatest asset you can have is your relationship with others especially those who brings out the best in us. There are times that we need to cut relationships especially those who don’t do us good but building bridges always pays-off. Assure everyone of continuous relationship. Some of my officemates are even my business partners outside the office.

7. Be grateful to the company and your bosses.


We could have different story to tell but we can find a common denominator to be grateful to the company and our immediate boss. Just look back to the time that you were applying for a job. Do not “bad mouth” your previous job or call them out in social media. If you have nothing good to say then don’t say it at all.


Here’s a screengrab of my open letter that I wrote for my previous company:



8. Be supportive.


Make your departure smooth and easy. Follow the right processes to do the proper exit until somebody will take over. In that way, those people who are left behind will not be having hard time to cover the work.

9. Enjoy the remaining days.


The last part is definitely the best! Be proactive in building memories, eat out with the team/officemates or go on short vacation with them. Enjoy!

10. Bring good memories with you and move on.




The problem with me after I completed rendering 30 days was the separation anxiety and I did not feel like going out. The adjustment was not easy and I realized that it is normal since the overall experience was very positive and vice versa.


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