Lets Talk About Selling: 5 Simple Tips to be Effective in Sales

Lets Talk About Selling: 5 Simple Tips to be Effective in Sales



I’ve realized now that I’ve been selling all my life. As a kid, I was selling banana cue in the neighborhood, as a student I was selling sunglasses in the campus and when I was in BPO, I was selling to Americans! With my experiences, I’ve learned that there are things that we need to master, before we can sell with amazing result.

1.Don’t be a salesman- be a friend.


People are thinking that salespeople are not cool- pushy, selfish and liar. At the back of their mind, they’re always on guard not to give-in to what you offer. With these misconceptions, change your image as somebody that they can trust. The challenge is really to prove them they’re wrong.  Many salesmen do something and it became a total wreck! When I’m selling to people, I even told them that I am not selling to them but I am offering something that they can take advantage and may help them. When I do that, the conversation begin to change.

I’ve read an article from Forbes 12 Sales Truths You Don’t Want To Admit, it is telling some facts about how customers viewed salespeople and  actions you could to make a difference in your journey in sales.

2. Build value to the people.


As a digital marketer and a finance Personality, one thing why  I’ve stand out it’s because I bring value to the people. I did not show any “personal interest” and my sincerity has been shown since day one. Now I’m so amazed that many people even insisting to pay my service I bring to them.

Do not be always “after the money” and I know for a fact that we need to hit a quota. With my previous job, I was selling to Americans for almost 4 years but quota has never been a problem because I focused more on providing my service first. They felt it and in return I was able to offer something to them that they could hardly refused because I made a mark in them. My last month before I left the company, I even hit 3 times beyond my quota.

So, do not be pressured and don’t overthink. Focus on how you can do something for the customer and how you can impress them. Win-win situation.

3. Provide them with clear features and benefits.


This is where many failed most of the time. People would always think: “What is in it for me”! If you can’t defend that and can’t look at them straight in the eye, you would not close a single sale! KISS– “Keep it straight and simple”! I mastered so much my sales spiel even with close eyes!

4.Be relational.


Relationship always wins to bridge the gap. As a digital marketer and a blogger,  it is seldom nowadays to be successful in my field because of extreme competition. However, I got out from my comfort zone. From my platform, I was able to build good and real friendships. I’ve even do meet-ups with my readers to really build-up connections and to extend help.

Once people trust you, selling would be easy and effortless and it would not sound “selling” to them at all. Trust is the key!

5. Say your magic words!


Let the customer listen what they want to hear. That’s why before selling something, I made sure that it is appropriate or relevant to the person. I check first what is the demand- what they need. If I know that I don’t have something to offer, I let it pass. I’ll find another opportunity to other people. It will definitely save you for any embarrassment and awkwardness- and also will save your time!


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