15+ Signs that will Make You Believe You Are Destined To Be a Trader

15+ Signs that will Make You Believe You Are Destined To Be a Trader




1. Everything has changed when you start to learn support and resistance. 


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It was the very first thing  you have learned in Technical Analysis, but it has opened your eyes to many other things. You discovered that you are destined to something great.


Since then, you have never stop learning…




2. No budget for expensive gadgets but you always have buying power for favorite stocks.






3. There are countless overcooked meals because your eyes are always glued on your chart.



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You understand that no one becomes a successful surgeon or attorney overnight. Successful stock trading is no different. Profits are no longer your top priority, knowledge and experience are… 


You understand that it isn’t about finding a strategy that works, it’s about finding a strategy that works for you. You believe that learning is always an ongoing quest!




4. You repeated Algebra thrice but now you’re studying hard the Fibonacci sequence.



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Boring becomes your new best friend. 


Boring books. Long-hours. Sleepless nights. You are exactly doing what you hated before. Now, your friends hate you for it. You are willing to disappear from the crowd to focus on what you’re doing.




5. Among your friends who started opening an account, you are the only one left.


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You are the only one who survived. Your friends quit too soon but you never get discouraged. You knew that there’s something waiting in store for you. Good things will come to those who wait!




6. Every office break, you don’t fail to check your portfolio.



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Yes, it has been your daily routine. You love doing it!




7. The last ex-girlfriends you have had are the recent losing stocks you gave-up.






8. For this very reason, you are still single today…



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Her: Do you like somebody else?

 Me: Yes, My heart belongs to MEG




9. You believe in the great mantra ” May pera sa basura”




You are attracted and fell in love with penny stocks. You have been trading them for the longest time. You are not afraid on the risk that comes with it because you harnessed yourself to be equipped with substantial knowledge it demands.




10. You are once a victim of hype but you have moved on and learned. 


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… And now, you already have  legion of troll accounts lurking, bashing, and sometimes, hyping… Aminin!





11. Sometimes, you forget your electricity’s due but you never forget your stock dividend’s ex-date.



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You have learned how to celebrate every small thing and you finds joy with it!




12. You’re very good at multi-tasking. You can trade while doing your job at the same time.



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…And you did it well for both of them! How did you do that?




13. You are burned a number of times but you keep on coming back.



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Mistakes, although uncomfortable, teach you hard truths and serious lessons. You don’t punish yourself, instead, took responsibility and bounced back from failure.


You are fully-convinced that good traders don’t view failure as the end of the road. They use potential failures as opportunities to refocus and gain new knowledge and adopt new behaviors that will increase their chances of success in the future.




14. Before, you were taught that the stock market is a den of gamblers and thieves…



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But you discovered, in reality, trading is outsmarting each other…





15. You focus on sharpening your skills, rather than showing them off.




While some people seek validation or recognition from other traders on social medias (especially facebook) for the trades they take, good traders are less concerned about gaining recognition. Instead, they’re intrinsically motivated to become better.




16.  You’re not afraid to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.




You knew that if your system tells you to, you will do it. If you only ever follow the flock like a sheep, you will only ever have the same result as the masses. Most ‘sheep’ in trading do not succeed.




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