Breaking News: May Multo Sa Philippine Stock Exchange

Most of the Filipinos are fond of watching horror movies whether they are locally-made or from famous hollywood filmmakers. They are also part of my childhood days that have brought me uncomfortable and scary experiences (and also sleepless nights haha…) 

I don’t understand why a lot of people are enjoying watching these films. Headless body walking on the doorway, bloods everywhere, and a white lady are too frightening to look at. 

Films like The ring, ShutterThe night of the living dead are movies I don’t really like watching alone to this day. May mga local movies din like Shake, Rattle and Roll or Feng Shui that we are also very scary. 

Matatakutin  talaga ako and up to this time hindi talaga ako nanood ng mga ito by choice. I only watch them kung napipilitan lang. 

So ano ang connect nito? Arnel, may multo nga ba talaga?

Baka pinagluluko mo lang kami ha!  Maniwala ako sayo…

What if I’m going to tell you that there really is?  Lagyan pa natin ng sound effects mixing with whooshing wind. Tsaka intro ng song na Thriller ni Michael Jackson!

August is coming and “Ghost month” is on its way… It’s not even a joke and it is so real.

Ghost month? Woahhh… What is that? What does it mean?

Ghost month is an old Chinese tradition around August-September. This has been celebrated by Chinese communities around the globe to this day.

According to the legend, bad spirits are coming out during these times that are bringing bad luck. A tradition that has been here for hundreds of years. Every year, most Chinese are more cautious on using their money, believing that it is not a good time, either, to spend or invest. 

This has been also observed by several investors and traders around the world. Historically, stock markets tend to go down during these months because large number of Chinese investors are either pulling-out their money or they don’t do anything at all. Tsaka ang daming Chinese sa mundo!

How Can You Benefit From It?

Here locally, the effect of “Ghost month” doesn’t have much impact during these times but it has been noticed that there’s no much activity in the market, assuming Chinese businessmen doesn’t want to do business yet .

However, may mga instances that during Ghost month tumataas ang mga stocks. Market decides and people have already changed their thinking through times.

If there maybe an effect this year, that should be your buying window. Ito yung mga short-lived na mga pangyayari, take it as an opportunity so that you can buy stocks at a discount. Lalo na ngayon na subrang bagsak ang market, all you can do is wait and see and slowly accumulate some shares of good stocks. By the way, next GDP report will be in August as well. 

Pumili ng mga magagandang stocks that are earning well. Yung mga market leaders that you can put your confidence for many years to come. The most important thing is you should know the reasons why are you buying them. 

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