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13 Helpful Tips to survive during Critical Wallet Days


The struggle is seriously real…


When a single peso is more than life, there are still some decent ways to make ends meet while waiting for the next paydayWe’ve all been there; running out of money fast and sahod seems like never coming.  Well, as long as you’ve got your life to live you will surely survive. 



1. Get a deal from the jeepney driver. 


payday wallet


If you don’t have fare anymore going to work, tumatanggap din sila in-kind. Last time, binayad ng friend ko ballpen na Uni. Kunti pa lang naman ang bawas. Pwede din mag-sideline mag-barker for a time…


2. Tingnan ang bulsa ng mga pantalon. 


payday wallet


Yes, we’re at the stage where anything will help. You might find something under the chair or – if you’re really lucky – money down the side. Every little cent helps. Baka may nakaipit nga naman na bente sa sulok. Minsan di mo akalaing meron. 



3. Mag-declare ng 3-days fasting.


payday wallet


Operation balik alindog. Madaming health benefits ang fasting. At least, voluntary at maluwag sa kalooban. Wag magmukhang-gutom. Panindigan. 



4. Sell some of your unused stuff.


payday wallet


May mga bagay na dapat bitawan. Lalo na sa mga panahong ito. If you have a load of stuff you no longer want or need, why leave it cluttering up your house? Ayos Dito, Olx, Buy and Sell Fb groups – there are lots of ways to sell unwanted items.


So if you’re really not crazy about that pair of shoes, or could do without your gadget, make a few choice for yourself by selling them online. It’s a quick cash!



5. Maging mabait sa mga boss at workmates.


payday wallet


Malay mo, ililibre ka pa ng lunch. Kahit minsan awkward, gawin mo lang. 



6. There are thousand ways to cook a sardines.


payday wallet


The same way, Instant noodles are one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest foods to prepare. It’s not exactly one of the healthiest things in the world, so just eat them in moderation.



7. It’s time to think of some odd jobs.


payday wallet


Think some of the things you can do and list the skills you might earn. Doing sidelines are things I like doing. I tried to be a clown, a magician for kid’s parties, a story-teller in the library, and to be always on-call.


Some of my friends were able to earn something by cleaning aquarium. It has also given me an opportunity to be part of Pinoy Big Brother once as a double of James Reid. Of course, you would not believe it! 



8. Stay at home when needed. 


payday wallet


Avoid making plans with friends. Although it’s hard to say no to a friend, it’s better to be left with some cash than being penniless while waiting for your payday.



9. Make a tight budget on what’s left.


payday wallet


The first step to budgeting until payday is to work-out what money you actually have. Now go through your essential bills, to see what you have left over. There are loads of budgeting apps out there, and some banks even have their own online budgeting functions.



10. Visit your parents’ house or your relatives for free meals.


payday wallet


They think you just miss them, but if we’re being honest, you’re just hungry and haven’t eaten dinner in three days. If you’re struggling to make a decent dinner for yourself, say yes when your relatives invite you and if you’re lucky, there’ll be leftovers to take home too.



11. Magbenta, este, mag-donate ng dugo sa red cross.


payday wallet


There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but together with the sum of money as the exchange of a pint of blood, you will also be given snacks, biscuits, and juice to ensure your blood sugars don’t dip dramatically after a donation.



12. Cook food that last longer. 


payday wallet


This will save you electricity, reduce the amount of groceries you need and ensure you’ve got food enough to sustain. Instead of going out to buy lunch, why not make your own baon? You’ll be amazed with the amount you’ll save in the long run.



13. Do not think about delicious food, at least, for now…


payday wallet


Whatever you do, do not let your mind wander and think about all of the delicious food. This is not the time to think about Ramen, 2 piece- chicken in Mcdonalds  or that amazing Mang Inasal. 




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