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The Hidden Costs of Your Bad Eating Habit



Eating is something that all of us enjoy doing. No question, it’s what keep us alive and kicking. Experts stated that food is one of those things the human brain can’t resist noticing. I can’t agree more.


Surprisingly, even the Bible says that eating is the best compensation we can have from our hardwork. Ecclesiastes 2:24 ” A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil…”


However, to some it has become a major problem resulting to various effects; physically,emotionally, and also financially. When you are  spending too much time in your kitchen and the table in the pantry has been your only best friend, warning signs can start to give alarms. Here are things to think about when you are already in bondage of a bad eating habit. 




Your health is at risk. 


Eating Habit


Generally speaking, people who are overweight or have obesity are estimated to comprise nearly 30% of the global population, or about 2.1 billion individuals and obesity accounts for 5% of all individual deaths worldwide.


If current trends continue, up to 50% of the estimated 8.5 billion global adult population (United Nations News Centre, 2015) will be overweight or have obesity by 2030 (McKinsey global Institute, 2014).


Overeating can lead to serious medical conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (high-blood pressure), sleep apnea (temporary suspension of breathing during sleep), major depression, kidney disease, arthritis, bone deterioration, stroke,etc…


In the first place, many diseases are caused by the way you live and the choices you make. In short, these diseases are caused by negligent health habits such as overeating, lack of exercise, and handling stress poorly. Overall, you contribute to your own bad health. I remember a funny meme I saw in the internet that says; ” In poor countries people die of starvation, in rich countries they die of overeating.”



Over-eating can result to overspending.


eating habits


Traditionally, you have never heard about overeating being a very expensive disorder to have. All of a sudden, for these people, bad eating habit and the money they have to spend on it is actually eating into the family food budget.


Their disorder is actually competing with their ability to feed their family. For people who eat a very large amount of food in a small amount of time, there’s a quantity of food that comes into play, and this can cost money. Food is not cheap these days.


Bad eating habit can impact your spending. If this thing can’t be controlled, it can cause a major financial problem inside the family.


For singles, bad eating habit can also cause financial mishap. Eating-out with friends to exclusive restaurants on a regular basis is not good.It doesn’t sound that harmful but you might regret it later. One of my officemates who just enjoyed going-out with friends is now buried with credit card debts.  



Stress-eating is as bad as impulsive buying.


over eating


Stress-eating can somehow be a good excuse. However, it is also one of the causes of bad eating habit. Most of my friends in the call center industry became overweight due to stress-eating.


Some people use food and eating as a way to hide from or manage their emotions, to fill a void they feel inside, or to cope with daily problems and pressures.


As a matter of fact, When I started gaining weight, my menu also became more expensive and my expenses were accelerating an all time high. Later, I realized that it was already consuming some of the funds that I had already set-aside for some important investments.


 If your eating habit is taking you to a point that it is no longer normal and it is beyond control, then you need to wake-up. It can break your weekly budget. Sooner than later, it can crush your piggy-bank!



Undisciplined lifestyle can make you broke. 



binge eating



All things that are done in excessive way are not good for us. I’m also still preaching this to myself today. It is an eye-opener for me that things that are too good to do like “eating” can be a worst nightmare and of course when it starts tearing your wallet too. I was hit by a hard truth. 


Right now, I still love eating. However, I do it the right way and moderately. I’m glad to know that there are still frugal ways to cook good food. No need to go out to taste a favorite steak, home-made are much better and healthy.


Changing your lifestyle may take time but having a commitment to make it better is the right mindset to start. It is also a good reminder to celebrate Christmas when food is very abundant. 




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