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6 Reasons Long-Term Investors Should Learn Basic Technical Analysis

  Stock Market is by far the best investment avenue that you can grow your money overtime. It can’t be ignored the promising reward you can expect from high profit margin with compounding interests. However, Being a long-term investor, we need to equip ourselves as much as possible to be able to complete the finish… Read More »

9 Best Lessons from Warren Buffett Everyone Should Know

He is one of the most successful investors and he is also a very interesting multi-Billionaire this century has to offer. Decorated with triumph one after the other, he defied the expectations of how a normal rich man does and lives the opposite instead. He keeps himself humble, friendly, and simple. I read an article… Read More »

How to Make the Most Out of Your 13th Month Bonus in 2016

We,the employees are already excited this time of the year, not just because of December holidays but because we are counting days of the release of our bonuses (yahoo!). Some of you may have already prepared what to buy; gadgets to shop and gifts to give for the inaanaks.    There’s always an exciting feeling we anticipate… Read More »