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What Your Teacher Never Told You About Call Center Agents

  I’ve been working in a call center for quite few years now and I’ve learn best things that I’ve been able to apply in my personal life. Some may say,this is just a “no-brainer job” or people here are too “westernized“, common stereotype and misconceptions almost everyone is saying. But as for me, this… Read More »

How to Spot A Great Mentor (Guru) – or At Least A Good One

  Question: ‘Hi Arnel, I’ve been your avid reader since you’ve started your blog. I’ve been also investing for a while and now I’m studying/starting to trade. I’ve joined couple of facebook groups but I’ve been always fell victim of hyping. I had some mentors before but I had bad experiences with them. Now, I’m… Read More »

6 Reasons Long-Term Investors Should Learn Basic Technical Analysis

  Stock Market is by far the best investment avenue that you can grow your money overtime. It can’t be ignored the promising reward you can expect from high profit margin with compounding interests. However, Being a long-term investor, we need to equip ourselves as much as possible to be able to complete the finish… Read More »