Arnel is a stock market enthusiast and a trading hobbyist. He is also interested in Forex, Option trading, commodities, any types of derivatives, futures, etc. He finished his bachelor’s degree at the Caraga State University.

Arnel Pepito

He is a millennial blogger and a no-nonsense writer. He is very passionate in sharing the opportunities in the stock market and other investment vehicles. He already earned his first million before reaching 30 by properly trading and investing in stocks. He has written various articles that went viral in social media and some were already featured by printed magazines and columns.

He is also a personal finance advocate who teaches younger millennials on wise money management, proper trading and investing strategies, personal and career development, and risk management.


He is now mentored by Mr. Randell Tiongson, an Angat Pilipinas 2017 “Blogger of the Year”, Best-selling author of several personal finance books, sought-after speaker, and a columnist of Philippine Daily Inquirer. 


Arnel Pepito


He is currently working as a Securities Operation Analyst at Wells Fargo Brokerage – a brokerage arm of Wells Fargo, the second largest bank in the United States. He is also active in trading equities in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and he also manages funds from friends and several clients.