Why Should Hire A Fund Manager Today

Stock Market is interesting. You can see it in the news, you can see it in movies. It has been a subject of curiosity to many people anywhere. Recently, the Netflix’s series Itaewon Class made the stock market again at the front of the headlines. The story tells the tale of an aspiring young entrepreneur, invested his father’s money who passed away. Amazingly, he made it a billion figure after few years by the help of his friend who is an asset manager or a stockbroker. It then plays a big role on his success in business.

By the advancement of the internet, online brokerage platforms have made stock market a mainstream. A few years back, stock market was only for the rich and financially-savvy. You can now open an account at your fingertips by not shelling-out much money. Some have become successful but many as well did not work-out well. Many opened their online accounts but sadly they have just kept it dormant. Some have turned their backs. Some find it difficult to handle- I understand.

It takes many years of experience to learn the ins and outs of the stock market.  Some are just not able to push themselves an extra miles. There are lot of materials in the internet but many have lost money than keep or grow it. What could have gone wrong? Maybe it’s time to hire a professional stockbroker. Here are the reasons why.

1. Your Investments Are Not Going Anywhere.

Maybe you are investing for many years now but there’s no good results with it. Sometimes you asked yourself if you are doing the right thing. You only based your investment decisions from the stock market facebook groups, an online guru, an insider tips from a friend or your instinct but it did harm than good in your investments. You became emotional and it is not giving you a good night sleep anymore. It is no longer fun. Now you are looking for help.

2. You Have Money. You Just Don’t Have The Time For It.

You have a lot of money but you have businesses to take care. There are many things you want to prioritize other than buying and selling stocks. However, you don’t want to miss the opportunities in the stock market. You knew that the stock market is one of the best investment vehicles you can grow your money over time. You also want to diversify your money and you knew that the stock market is down nowadays. That means that stocks are very cheap due to the pandemic and you have big opportunity if done right. I work with CEOs, company presidents and business owners. Let me handle it for you.

3. You Want An Expert To Do It For You.

Now if you are looking for an expert to handle the job, I might be able to help. I’m a portfolio manager at Eastern Securities and a licensed trader in the Philippine Stock Exchange. I’m now managing equities full time. I’ve been investing and trading in the financial markets for couple of years already. I also worked with the brokerage arm of U.S. bank, Wells Fargo. With years of experience, I’m confident to be of help to you. I also founded a social group Investambayan to share my expertise in the stock market to Filipinos here and abroad. It has now widely-followed by the thousands in social media. I also co-founded Stocks-Ed, a digital learning tool to understand financial markets easily.

4. Stock Market Is Very Overwhelming.

You want someone you can work with that is better than you. You see the stock market as a business and you want a partner you can regularly consult with. It’s an uncharted territory for you and you knew that you need a fund manager, as you need doctors and lawyers that are good in their fields. With all the risks that comes with it, with right stockbroker, stock market could still be a good place for you. 

5. You Can’t Trust Yourself With It.

You are very emotional on handling money and investments. You know that stock market is sometimes very unpredictable and you might not be able to handle it well. It’s okay and that’s pretty normal. Emotion is the enemy in the stock market. You can’t function well if you are so attached with it. It needs proper execution, best investing and trading strategies,  laser-eye focus and risk management. When you have a fund manager, he will do the job for you. If you will hire me, I will do it for you.

I’ll be glad to help and serve. If you need my service, kindly message me:

Arnel Pepito, ESS

Portfolio Manager/Stockbroker, Eastern Securities

Mobile #: 09475624107

Email Address: investambayan@gmail.com

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