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10 Reasons Books are Still the Best Christmas Gift


“Books are uniquely portable magic”Stephen King


Happy Holidays! We are on the exciting season of the year because it is the time of giving and sharing. Most of the people have one thing in mind- Gift. Countless “inaanak” are waiting to receive something, of course, from their thoughtful titos and titas like us. That’s always non-negotiable!


If you are still thinking for a Christmas gift to buy, no pressure! Why not try to consider shopping for books? For me, it is still the best thing you can give today. Moreover, you can’t go wrong when buying one for a gift. It is both applicable to any ages. Here’s Why…



1. Books are lasting investment.


Benjamin Franklin once said: ” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  It is purely true. In the first place, it is always a good idea to start the year for 2018 to learn the habit of reading good books. I became sharp in investing through reading great books from the experts in the industry. 


@Randell Tiongson books
@Randell Tiongson books



I understand that we are already living the times where information can be found online, but nothing can replace the experience of reading physical books. I have lot of e-books in my computer that hasn’t been read yet. There must be something different in it!


2. It is a good alternative from social media.




Many people have come to realize the effect of social media and they already wanted to break the habit of exposing themselves too much online. With all the fake news and unfiltered & misleading information you can find everywhere, many went back to their original first love-Books!


Likewise, they are the perfect gift to buy online. You can search for the authors/ ages/ topics, read reviews, and recommendations. It is also easy to ship to the person you’re giving the gift. 



3. Books can be a good collection.




Just like painting, artifacts, and vintage stuff, books are good for collections and can be pass to the next generation. A small library inside the house is a good spot for the kids to be trained to value learning. 



4. It has a lasting impact.




I’ve been giving books as a gift for birthdays and many occasions and their response were great. It can change a person’s life and can widened their perspective.


Indeed, it has a lasting value. It is also easy to personalize. You can also tailor-fit it according to their needs and the occasion. Examples of best books to give are personal finance and motivational/inspirational books, how-to-guides to learn new skills.



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5. It is a good travel buddy. 



Whether print, audio, or e-books, they are the best of travel companions during a long vacation. It is also good when stuck on traffic around Metro Manila. It keeps the brain cells happy. No matter what, they are educational and that is good for the cognitive juices



6. It is budget-friendly. 




Additionally, they are absolutely inexpensive. Sure, some can be as much as 500 pesos, but for as little as 50 pesos, you can get the perfect gift for someone. 




7. It is easy to find. 





It will not take much of your time. You can literally do all your shopping in one place. Whether you stay home and shop online or you venture outside your house to a bookstore, you can get your shopping done in one place — and probably in one trip.



8. Another thing, it’s easy to wrap.



Books never come in the wrong color or size,  there’s no battery, and it is easier to wrap than toys. In just few minutes, you can already have the gift that still remains classy.



9. The Options Are Endless.



As a matter of fact, from self-improvement to novels, from philosophy to how-to guide, your chances of picking a book the person will love is as close to 100% as you can get. There’s really something for everyone.




10. When they are finished reading, it is not empty.




Uniquely, books are successful people’s best friend. It does not grow old and remains very helpful. It is a gift you can open again, and again, and again!



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