Game of Thrones

15 Pinoy Stocks That Will Make You Believe The Game of Thrones is Real


I have combined my two fascinating hobbies: Stock Market and The Game of Thrones to come-up with fresh stock analysis, financial comparisons, and economic studies. I scoured the episodes from different seasons and have read the books to see interesting  facts in relevance to our market today.  Here’s what I’ve found.



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1. Ayala Corporations (AC)- “House Lannister”


” A Lannister always pays his debts”



Fans across the globe knew how powerful and influential this family in Westeros. They represent royalty, nobility, and dominance.


They almost control every facet of the society, from financing the throne to taking part in politics and economic leaderships. Their key roles, business acumen, and expertise in warfare have contributed in stabilizing the seven kingdoms until the death of King Robert.


Not only that, they have vast resources of gold and wealth and has strong balance sheet than any others, making them the richest clan. They have acted as the main financial institution across the region.


Ayala Corporation, on the other hand, is the holding company of the Ayala family. Founded by Domingo Róxas and Antonio de Ayala during the Spanish colonial rule, it is the country’s oldest and largest conglomerate.



Their company has a portfolio of diverse business interests, including investments in retail, education, real estate, banking, telecommunications, water infrastructure, renewable energy, electronics, information technology, automotive, healthcare, and management and business process outsourcing.


As of November 2015, it is the country’s largest corporation in terms of assets ($48.7B). The company’s stock price has been bullish this year and it is already on 23.20% uptrend year to date.


Despite of that, The Ayalas keep their reputation and goodwill to people around them for many decades. The Lannisters are hated by ordinary people, but the Ayalas are people’s champ. The former is diminishing, the latter is still prospering!


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2. JG Summit (JGS)- “House Stark”


“Winter is coming”


For all we know, the first family we met is the Starks. They are arguably the characters that tugged most of our heartstrings. They represent strong will and determination to persevere against all adversities.


Like this mythical family, the closest people with similar attributes are the Gokongwei family. Spear-headed by their hardworking and persistent founder, their influence has continuously extending from border to border. 


Both family shared the values of honor and perseverance. The motto “Winter is coming” has been the repeated and the most memorable, mostly because it’s said an absurd amount of time and yes it is a warning sign that we must expect dark period of our lives, even if things seems good now. We should always be prepared for fortunes to turn against us. 



 JG Summit Holdings became one of the largest conglomerates with business interests in air transportation, banking, food manufacturing, hotels, petrochemicals, power generation, publishing, real estate and property development, and telecommunications.  


John Gokongwei , a business magnate and Philanthropist have chosen a different war. He and his company have stood against various financial crisis and tests of times, maintaining their success in business and other endeavors. In return, he is rewarded for his leadership and became the most admired entrepreneur across the country.



From Riches to Rags to Riches Again: The John Gokongwei Jr. Story


3. SM Prime Holdings(SMPH)- “HOUSE TYRELL”


“Growing Strong”



House Tyrell hold their title from the most fertile land in Westeros. They keep people fed, supplying less fruitful areas with grain, fruit,wine,and livestock. It’s one of the richest lands and have made them wealthiest family next to the Lannisters.


So for them, tending the green fields really does grow into a rose made of gold. Their motto “growing strong” speaks to their place, an area with a booming population and productive land.The word growing makes us think of a closeness to nature and strong reminds us their wealth is based not on currency and politics but on a firm foundation of the resources.


Both of which are necessary to reap rewards of what you sow whether, agriculturally or financially. Planting a seed means, it will take a while but it will eventually bear fruit. Like the thorny rose, they are cunning, flexible, taking advantage of every opportunity and making the best of every situation.


Having said that, SM Prime Holdings is one of the largest integrated property developers under Sy family. It offers innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities with the development of malls, residences, offices, hotels and convention centers. It is also the largest, in terms of asset and income base.



They started as a mall developer and operator and grew to be the biggest retail shopping center developer and operator in the Philippines. Currently, it has 63 malls in and outside Metro Manila and 7 shopping malls in China, totaling 9.1 million square meters of Gross Floor Area.


SM Prime goes beyond mall development and management through its units and subsidiaries. SM Development Corporation is the residential business component that sells affordable condominium units. Its hotels and convention centers business unit develops and manages various hotel and convention centers across the country. The company’s stock price has been on an offensive end for many years. It has been uptrend for 21.63% year to date as of this writing.


Both family is very popular for their financial success and has made them a celebrity status. However, their prosperity is the result of their resourcefulness and sense of stewardship. They are good role models for those who are starting small. If we will just utilize what we have now, we will definitely get what we want in life. 



4. Lopez Holdings Corp. (LPZ) -“HOUSE ARYNN”


“As high as honor”




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The Arryns have often been people of true worth, both wise and honest. Their house has given birth to gallant knights, all of whom could be relied upon to take their responsibilities very seriously. Duty and loyalty are among the principle for the children!


They represents honor, courage and integrity. Their motto “as high as honor” has become very famous across the region as they continued to practice it on a day to day basis. 


López Holdings, is a company owned by Lopez family. It is a major player in the public service and utilities sector and serves as their publicly-listed holding company for investments in major development sectors such as broadcasting and cable; telecommunications; power generation and distribution; manufacturing; and property development.



They are also the controlling shareholder of First Gen Corporation, the country’s leading clean and renewable energy producer, with power plants that use geothermal, hydro, and natural gas for fuel. The company manages the world’s largest integrated geothermal power producer, Energy Development Corporation.


Lopez Holdings serves as a parent company to conglomerates FPH and ABS-CBN. They’ve been around for many years and has been part of the lives of ordinary citizen. Due to their influence in public service and media, integrity is expected from them on the highest level.


Like the Arryns, we need this breed of family, people who are credible, trustworthy, and strategic to help us build a better and stronger country!



5. GT Capital Holdings (GTCAP)- House Tully



House Tully has developed a reputation for not surrendering easily. Their words are “Family, Duty, Honor,” yet stubbornness could also be added to that list. The members of the house each present their own variation on that pride and tenacity.


Each does what he or she thinks is best for the family, but not all agree on the best way to fulfill the obligations of honor.  Nonetheless, they are all one and the same on protecting each other and looking after their family members. House Tully has also produced great women for Westeros, Lady Catelyn of Winterfell and Lady Lysa of the Vale of Arryn.


Ty family has proven their tenacity by building a business empire that is still here for many years. GTCAP is their primary vehicle for the holding and management of their diversified business interests. The company holds interests in banking, property development; automotive assembly, importation, distribution, dealership and financing; life and non-life insurance; and infrastructure and utilities.



They also own hotels under the Grand Hyatt and Marco Polo brands. At age 19 George Ty was refused a bank loan to start a business; his difficulties spurred him to start his own bank a decade later. Ty and his family played a great role in building this nation through their businesses by becoming visionary and vigorous.


Two great families that have given great stories. It reminds us to not let go of our dreams when the journey gets tough and to never give-up when challenges are too big to handle. Keep going and continue to fail forward until the destiny is fulfilled.



6. Double Dragon Properties (DD)- “Daenerys”


“I will do what queens do, I will rule”



Daenarys, the future Queen of Westeros, “the unburnt”, “the breaker of chains”; these are just only few of her accolades. We knew her as a meek and gentle girl who turned into a dynamic and charismatic leader, from nobody to somebody who is great. She is the most anticipated character admired by her followers.


In the Philippine Market, the closest in comparison is the newly listed-company Double Dragon. It has also been one of the favorite growth stock that people still believe-in to be the next Blue chip stock, the top of the line!


It is a second-liner stock and an index-reserved. With investor’s faith set to its founders Edgar Injap (Mang Inasal) and Tony Tan Caktiong (Jollibee Foods Corp.), the company’s vision is to be the largest and strongest property company in the country. 



At present, it has acquired a total of 54 sites for its community malls. Ten City Malls have commenced commercial operations while 29 are under construction, of which majority is opening this year.  Meanwhile, 15 will be completed and will be operational by 2018.


Although, most of the promises and projections are still yet to happen, it is one of the stocks that investors and financial institutions have set their eyes on. We can never tell exactly what to happen in the future but one thing for sure, once their major projects will be realized, that’s something that is very exciting!



7. D&L Industries (DNL) – “Tyrion”


” A very small man can cast…a very large shadow”



Tyrion Lannister is the most underrated character in the Game of Thrones. He is called by different names in reference to his size and appearance. However, it did not weaken him. Instead, he harnessed his wit and wisdom. What he lacks in strength, he makes-up in mental acuity.


Like Tyrion, D&L industryhas always been considered as a small-cap stock. That means that it is just a small but growing company, making it one of the undervalued stocks. What many people don’t realize is the potential growth of this organization. Backed-up with strong fundamentals, I believe this stock is destined to be BIG!


It is a Filipino company engaged in product customization and specialization for the food, plastics, and aerosol industries. The company’s principal business activities include manufacturing of customized food ingredients, specialty raw materials for plastics, and oleochemicals for personal and home care use.


Established in 1963, D&L has the largest market share in each of the industries it serves, as well as longstanding customer relationships with the Philippines’ leading consumer and chemical companies. 



8. Emperador (EMP)- “King Robert Baratheon”



King Robert had established a kingdom for himself and secured the iron throne by overthrowing the Targaryens on a bloody war. He was high-spirited and skillful but his reign was just short-lived. After his death, the war started to happen which is causing a tragedy to his family.


One of the highlights in 2016 was the change made for EmperadorAndrew Tan-led Emperador Incorporated was dethroned from Philippine Index, a group of 30 biggest companies in the country and was taken-over by Puregold.



Emperador became a blue-chip stock on September 15, 2014 dethroning Philex Mining. Indeed, it’s placed as part of Philippine Stock Exchange for a short period of time only. Lesson learned, performance and numbers always count the most! If a stock is not performing consistently, another one will take its place.



9. Jollibee Food Corp. (JFC)- “JON SNOW”


” In battle, discipline beats numbers nine times of every ten”



A Jollibee story is a Jon Snow story! Having a tough childhood and considered only as second-best, he rose to greatness showing his pure character, humility, inner strength and selfless service. He eventually became very popular since then. He is definitely the face of the show!


With great comparison, I would compare him to Jollibee Foods Corp. Before becoming a household name, this small company has been experiencing ups and downs along the way. It was a pure and humble Filipino journey. Now, it became the most popular company and has brought the name of our nation to the ends of the world, bringing pride and honor!



The company has touched millions of lives across the country. It is one of the companies that is very close to our hearts. The company’s stock has been the favorite and sought-after investment among countless investors and still remains very attractive and promising.


It has been defensive and growing for a long time, starting from around 6 pesos/share, today the company stock price went up to 216 per share to date, a 12,000% average growth since 1993. 


I strongly believe that this company is still starting to make a mark in the food industry, as it already began to expand internationally to increase its market share. Just like Jon Snow, the battle has just begun!



10. Bloomberry Resort Corp. (Bloom)- “SANSA”



Sansa went through hardships, abuse and hostilities early in life. She lost her parents at a young age and faced her battle herself, full of uncertainty. However, as the story progresses, she matures and became stronger. She survives and have fought a good fight!


She’s able to defeat her anxiety and weakness and saw the downfall of her enemies one after the other. As time goes by,  she has already turned into a firm and beautiful lady. Now, she grew as a reliable leader that people can depend on. 


Speaking about growth, Bloomberry Resort Corporation has caught the attention of many  investors nowadays. It is one of a promising stock that we need to consider in our portfolio. As various experts have already spoken and have made positive forecasts and projections, the company itself has been growing with a good track record of consistent and accelerating annual earnings. 


As a growth investor and a position trader, this company is worth the wait, considering that it is still undervalued. A good timing to position your money before this company transform to something bigger and  more beautiful.  The stock has been bullish, it is 61.79% uptrend for this year as of this writing. 


Sansa will say, “it is about time!”



At present, BLOOM’s subsidiaries include Sureste and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels, Inc. (BRHI); Solaire Korea Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries Golden & Luxury Co., Ltd. and Muui Agricultural Corporation; and Bloom Capital B.V. which partly owns Solaire de Argentina S.A.



11.”SemirArya” (SCC)



Arya is the youngest daughter of Starks family. With her innocence, she faced the most horrific experience as a child. She saw her own father beheaded by the people he was serving. From then on, she lives a life as an orphan, running away from people who want to take her life! 


She battled her way to survive! Without much options, her greatest weapon was her faith for herself and her will to fight. 


Similar story with one of the Philippine companies, Semirara Mining and Power Corp. has been around for sometime, it is not that popular but it has been continuously growing, surviving, and proving its competitive edge. With threats of mining industry to collapse, Semirara continues to thrive. It is one of the few that is still delivering surprising earnings and outstanding projections. 


Being one of the blue-chip stocks, backed-up with strong cash-flow, being a leader in its industry, and with good performance, this stock will grow more in its own pace. 



12. Banco De Oro (BDO)-“Iron Bank of Braavos”



The Iron Bank was founded long time ago. It was formed by successful traders and craftsmen. Its name comes from the abandoned iron mine in which the bank’s founders placed all their funds. 


“The Iron Bank will have its due” is a common saying among merchants, almost as common as the saying “A Lannister always pays his debts” in Westeros. It is the central bank, the biggest and most influential financial institution. It has been lending and funding large amount of money to the surrounding kingdoms. 


The Iron Bank is very popular as a depository and a historical site of the city.



Another  financial institution, Banco De Oro, is the biggest bank in the country in terms of asset, fifteenth largest in Southeast Asia, 116th largest in Asia, and the 234th largest bank globally as of March 31, 2016. 

The firm is a full-service bank. It provides products and services to the retail and coprporate markets including lending, deposit-taking, foreign exchange, brokering, trust and investments, credit cards, corporate cash, management and remittances.


Through its subsidiaries, the Bank offers Leasing and Financing, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Insurance Brokerage and Stock Brokerage services.


BDO was listed in PSE and became one of the fastest growing and most defensive stocks since then.The company stock price is still on an uptrend. It is 16.50% year to date despite the very volatile year it is experiencing.



13. Metro Pacific Investment (MPI)- “Varys”



Varys is one of the most iconic characters in the Game of Thrones. He has no land, no royal blood, no army but he was able to build the biggest organization in the region. Having a difficult childhood and was sold into slavery, it has shaped his personality and talents.


He serves  various roles to different kings that are sitting on the iron throne proving them of his worth. Unlike other masters, he is kind, humble, and practiced a reward-system on all the information he can get, his vast network is his best asset! 


Speaking about large network, Metro Pacific Investment Corp. is also a holdings company with a very vast of business interests. The Company is organized into the following segments based on services and products: water, toll roads, power generation and distribution, healthcare services, light rail and logistics.


The Company’s subsidiaries are Maynilad Water Holding Company, Inc.; Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation; Manila Electric Company; Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc.; Metro Pacific Light Rail Corporation; and MetroPac Logistics Company, Inc.


In May 2016, GT Capital Holdings  acquired shares of the company, which will, in turn, buy control over GT Capital’s Global Business Power Corporation in a deal worth P29.89 billion. These transactions result in GT Capital holding an overall stake of 15.6 percent of the common share capital of the company in a new business alliance between the two business groups.


As of December 31, 2016, MPI’s investments outside the Philippines include an effective ownership of 29.4% in DMT, a Thai toll road operator, and 45.0% in CII B&R, a toll road company located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.



 14. CALATA (CAL)- “Petyr Baelish”



Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish is the master coin, businessman, master manipulator, king-maker, and a king-breaker! He is one of the most cunning and deceitful persons in the region. With his schemes, selfish ambition and personal agenda, he is doomed and bound to fail. Certainly, his days are numbered…


Stock manipulation in the market is not a new thing. Despite the strict and heavy monitoring and regulations, few individuals and companies has been doing illegal activities and violations. One of the biggest news that is happening is the delisting order of one of the listed companies, CALATA Corp.



It is hitting hard for the company since it is very unlikely that their stock will be listed again. PSE is very keen on imposing regulations for the benefit of the public interests and it is a warning that the law is above us and breaking them for personal gain would mean outrageous consequences. 



15. Wilcon (WLCON)- “Lyanna Mormont”



Who is she again? 


Lyanna Mormont is the 10-year old, youngest Lady of Bear Island and the head of House Mormont. Despite her very young age, she is shown to be a competent, effective, and intelligent leader, in sharp contrast to young leaders closer to her age. 


She is firm when she needs be and wants best for her house and her people. While she emanates self-confidence, she does not hesitate to consult her advisors if she sees the need.  As a female and the only living heir, she challenges and strives to live-up to the expectations placed upon her, and behaves in a stern, no-nonsense manner. 


She is extremely proud of her house, and she is devoted to protecting her people, indicating that she views this responsibility with the utmost solemnity. 


Certainly, we can’t underestimate young generation and new beginnings. Wilcon Depot is one of the youngest company in PSE in terms of tenure. It was listed publicly on March this year. A new player, Wilcon became one of the favorites among investors and traders. It has been on strong uptrend on 76.24% starting its IPO price, one of the most successful initial public offering year to date.




Wilcon has just disclosed its 27.90% earnings for second quarter last August 15,2017 with total net income 371.92 M, 4.5 Billion in revenue. It is a great reminder not to undermine a new start! Since it is just newly-listed, given that the company will consistently give accelerating quarterly earnings, this stock is worth to keep for the long-term…


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