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Stock Market Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

I’ve been investing for a few years already but I still hear several misconceptions about stock market coming from friends, acquaintances and officemates. It goes without saying that most Filipinos, in general, are still years behind in investing compared to other countries and leading economies like U.S., China and Japan.

Common statements like “Ayoko dyan kasi matagal ang return”, “Di ba sugal yang stock market na yan?”, “Scam ang stocks,di ba?”, “That is not for me, I’m not rich”, “It’s hard to learn the stock market”, “It’s about charts and only finance analysts can do that”. 

Different views of people from different walks of life. 

A striking figure, only around 1% in our population are investing in the stock market today. My message is very clear and direct, if you haven’t invested in stocks yet, you simply missed a very big opportunity. During this pandemic, we have a decade opportunity where we can start from the ground-up. Stocks have dropped, far from its usual valuation. We will probably not see anything like this for the next 10 years. 

I’m a great believer of our growth story as a nation. As an emerging market in Asia, foreign investors have put in so much money in our stock market and it still remains attractive. Our market is one of the best places to invest- in. 

So why are there so few? One of the reasons we’ve seen is that stock market is not taught in schools so people are just in fear of this unknown avenue. And also, many are just simply not aware of it because of lack of financial literacy.

Eh, kuya mahirap talaga siya eh…I’m not good at it!

It never came to my mind that I’ll be a stock investor and a trader few years ago and I have thousand of reasons not to do it…

In the same fashion, I will tell you some:

  • I was broke. 
  • I had debts to be paid.
  • I had an average-paying job when I started.
  • I did not have a finance background.
  • I failed most of my Math subjects. I had a learning deficiency in numerical figures.
  • I failed in my start-up businesses.
  • I’m a Promdi Guy. It was all a new thing for me.

I could have thought these things but it did not hinder me! Of course, I did not have any idea at first just like any other ordinary newbie but I took the time to study it. With that, I understood I had to learn it step by step. I knew that investing in stocks is worth it and doing the right way can make a lot of difference.

The numerical world that I hated before is the same world that I love now! Today, I’m an active trader. I read financial reports and balance sheet, I analyze price charts and market data among others. For me, that’s “beyond me” who was that guy who failed most of my math subjects in college. 

As a matter of fact, if we put limitations on ourselves,we allow ourselves to get robbed on the opportunities that are in front of us. So we need to get-out from our comfort zone and start challenging ourselves on the things that are new to us. I did it once, twice,couple of times and my life has never been the same. After all, it was a proof that pwede na man pala

Go for a good start. Save your first thousand, build your emergency fund, open a brokerage account, buy your first stock and prepare to be a totally different person. 


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