The Art of Borrowing: Usapang UTANG

   “Borrowers are made, not born” 


Well, you are lucky enough to click this link and get into my site (This is not a spam!) Probably, you are just having a bad day and you want to quickly resolve it through borrowing (no money? no problem!) I can definitely help you! Don’t worry, this is absolutely for free, ideas are all borrowed anyway…(duh)! Welcome to “Getting into Debt 101”.


Let’s start to learn the 6 Legendary Techniques of Borrowing: 


1. Dress to Impress. Do not look Poor. 

You have to look awesome and you need to look rich. It really depends on how you carry yourself. If you have a friend who has four-wheels, then you can take advantage of it. Nobody will lend to someone who looks broke. Prepare ahead of time. In your social media, show them that you’re living a rich kid, show them that you are often dining in a fancy restaurant (even you’re not ordering) and show them what you’ve got (but in reality, you don’t have).

2. Make a list and Profile your friends.

Now is the time to categorize people around you that you can take advantage as your prospects. People can’t give you something what they do not have.To save time and effort, choose the right people who you think have something. Eye for an OFW friends, check their timeline and observe when they would be coming back to the Philippines.Usually, they will be having hard time refusing because they want others to know that they have a lot of money or they just can’t refuse at all. Di sila makaka-ayaw! For employees, observe a good timing. Money will always be on payday, the rest are empty wallet days! So better be hurry because once they receive the salary, it will be gone with the wind.
Easy target are your friends who are always showing off. Try to flatter them and you will have your reward.Then you can apply Strategy #3. 


3.Be always ready with your winning spiel. 

Borrowing is an art so be excellent.The best borrowers in town are those who have very good communication skill.It is all about your convincing power, it is not about what you will say but how you will say it. It should be spontaneous. Never take no for an answer!
Here are the most common but effective spiels that I have already tried:

For Students and Officemates: 

“Friend, pahiram naman wala akong barya. bayaran kita mamaya ha!” 
   (Friend, I don’t have coins here, I’ll just pay you later) 
“Friend, nakalimutan ko wallet sa bahay. pahiram naman oh. 
(Friend, I left my money in the house. Can I borrow some?) 
“Friend, di ako makapaniwala sa nangyari. Nahold up ako!Pahiram naman oh.” 
(Friend, I can’t believe what just happened to me. I was robbed.Can I borrow?) 

For Professionals and Businessmen: 

“Bro, pahiram naman ng pera.Bayaran kita agad. Bukas darating pera ko”
(Bro, Can I borrow money.I’ll pay you right away.I’ll have money tomorrow) 
“Bro, mag invest ka sa business/project ko. May tubo ka 10% after 1 year.”
(Bro, you can invest in my business/project. You will have your money back with 10% interest) 

4. Acting is everything. 

Successful borrowing strategy is how you act it. Saying is a good thing but portraying is another thing.You need to act natural.Most common but effective scenarios you can use are; your family member is in an accident, you’re wife is giving birth, somebody in your house is admitted in the hospital.You should think of something which is urgent and realistic. Human Psychology is that the person just can’t refuse it or else he will be blamed. I’ve been there, done that!I brought it to the next level.I even told my boss before, that I badly need to get a loan from the company because one of my relatives died and I need to help them (I was just lying, though)

5.The “Amnesia”

Considering that you’re finished borrowing, you already spent it buying, buying, and buying and now is your turn to pay it back.What if you can’t pay a thing? Pretend that you have forgotten it until you can’t remember it at all. Just to remind you that most of them will hardly forget what you’ve borrowed but 90% will hesitate to say it (Sila na lang ang mahihiya!). So this is a good thing for you.

 Time will heal.They will just forget it someday.


6.The “Beast”

Now, if the mentioned above is not working out, then this could work for you to avoid collectors.Show them who’s the boss. You might scare them. It is better to be on the defensive side and get mad first to let them know that you are not intimidated. This is the power of intimidating! This might not work sometimes so apply this at your own risk.
We had a neighbor before that is so good in doing this that until now she still did not pay her debt and we can’t collect her because we don’t want a confrontation. She wins though.

Friendly Reminders: 

Be ready to lose important friends. Most likely the first people who will lend you money are the ones closest to you. So this could be your living sacrifice.In our church we don’t encourage borrowing because we don’t want to make it a culture and it costs relationships.
“Money often cost too much”– Ralph Waldo Emerson
Once you’re there, getting out is hard as going through a needle’s hole. Getting into debt does not just happen overnight.It is a process.It starts from a small amount then into a huge amount.So huge that some brought it even into their grave.Some gets into nervous breakdown.
“Anyone who borrows is a slave to the lender” Proverbs 22:7
Count the Cost. You will be living in fear and you will not have peace of mind.
“Debt is the worst poverty”-Thomas Fuller
Your love ones will suffer. Debts is one of the cause of family problems.According the survey, the main cause of divorce is not “third party” but finances. It will surely affect your reputation. Above all else, choose your name over money.
“The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives”
                                                                                                                                                                      Psalm 37:31
“It takes 2 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”– Warren Buffet
So, It is now up to you, Life is a choice…

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